Marcia Haskell Anzalone

“Rachel Carson Pines”

“Intervals of Light”

“Bridal Path in Greens”

“Surreal Light on Marsh”

“Peaceful Marsh II”

“High Tide – Bridal Path”

“Peaceful Marsh”

“No Parking”

“Bridal Path” (SOLD)

Example of Wrapped Canvas

“Cape Porpoise”

“Bridal Path Spring” (SOLD)

“High Tide”

“Beach Rose”

“Bridal Path View”

“Golden Morning”


“Fall Abstract”

“Green Marsh” (study)

“Beach Roses”


“Hanging On”

“Patterns of an Autumn Sky”

Artist Statement:

I have lived in New England my whole live, and while I reside in Massachusetts, I visit the Kennebunkport area on a regular basis, where I will find many inspirational spots for painting.  The New England landscape has and will always have my heart.

I have been painting for over 35 years.  I have enjoyed creating with pastels, watercolor, collage and graphite, but my true passion is oil paint.  I have had my work shown in various exhibits and shows, have sold in local galleries and painted a few commissions.  I have my own studio.

My work ideally would be started on site and completed in the studio.  I focus on the relationship of patterns and shapes within the landscape, which can change according to seasonal light and time of day.  The composition is placed first with contrasting values and then completed through the process of placing those patterns and shapes within the composition.  Each painting takes on a life of its own as the process evolves.

Marcia Haskell Anzalone


MFA Heartwood College of Art