Holly Lombardo

“Forest Fresh” (SOLD)

“Wolfes Neck Dreaming” (SOLD)

“My Sunny Walk”

“Brewers Cove Blues” (SOLD)

“Blue Diamonds”


“As Dusk Begins”

“Jack Pine #2”

“Jack Pine #3”

“Around the Cove” (SOLD)

“An Island Apart” (SOLD)

“A Sunny Moment”

“Color Cove”

“Orrs Glare”


“Beals Cove Panoramic”

“A Special View”

“Coastal Glare”

“Sea Sparkles”

“Islesboro Contentment”

“A Freeport Favorite”



In Her Own Words – Artist Holly Lombardo…

I guess you could say I’ve been a painter my whole life…. I just didn’t know it. I am a self taught artist who has painted with watercolors for almost 15 years, and more recently, acrylics. I started painting as a hobby in college after a rigorous science curriculum trumped a desire to express myself creatively.

As my career has changed and free time has become more available, I have painted creatively almost daily now for several years, and started to show my work to the public since Spring 2007. I now graciously have more free time to paint subjects that inspire me. I enjoy capturing light and shadow, and always challenge myself to try something new and improve my own technique. I find inspiration in nature as well as familiar objects, and continue to be amazed at how effortlessly paint will glide over a paper surface or canvas, depositing colors and implying shapes. My impressionist goals are obvious.

I am inspired by the masters, including Sargent, Hopper, Wyeth and of course, Monet, Cassatt and Renoir, to name a few, and follow many contemporary artists whose work inspires me to work harder and learn more. Painting is a passion, and I find now that when I look out the window, I am already thinking about which colors I would use to capture the sunlight on a tree, or a shadow on the snow. It is a passion, and I learn something new with each painting that I do.

I am a member of the Concord Art Association (CAA) and the National Watercolor Society (NWS) as well as the Natick Artists Open Studio (NAOS) group.