Hélène Rush

“Dream in the Tree Tops” (SOLD)

“Stalking Fox” (SOLD)

“Winter Walk” (SOLD)

“Small Birches” (SOLD)


“Forest Window”

“A Walk in the Rain”




Table Settings and Other Treats…





“Buffalo Burger”


“Bag of Apples”




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Cat Portrait – sample

Cat Portrait – in progress

Soft Pastel – sample

Soft Pastel – sample

Hélène Rush

“I live in Windham, Maine. I grew up in Montreal, Quebec— I graduated high school at age 16 and went on to attend art school for one semester. Being young and foolish, I quit college to go work full time in an office (career number 1), and art was put on the back burner for many, many years.

Fast forward through career number two, that of knitwear designer, editor of a couple of how-to magazines (McCall’s Needlework & Crafts being one of them), and until September 2016, owner of my very own brand of handknitting yarn (Knit One, Crochet Too). After 30+ years of dabbling in fiber, my mind was open for new challenges and inspiration.

That is when I re-discovered the wonderful world of art, and I was hooked. Out went the yarn, and in came the inks, paints, and pencils! Alcohol inks is what opened me up to this new passion. After Level 1 class at the Alcohol Ink Academy, I enrolled in Level 2 and then Level 4 Water class.”

Hélène Rush is a designer and previous owner of Knit One Crochet Too a yarn manufacturer based in Maine.  She is currently using her creative talents to explore painting in different painting media.  Hélène  has been working with Alcohol Inks, Pastels, Water Color, Pencils and Acrylics.