Susan Roux

“Nature’s Seaside Display”

“Top of the Hill”

“Portland Headlight”

“Floral Beach”

“Atlantic Spray”

“Orange Daylilies”

“The Orange Fountain”

“White Iris”

“Café Window Box”

“Ready for Takeoff”


Statement by Artist Susan Roux ~

I was born and raised in Berlin, NH. I grew up surrounded by the majestic White Mountains. Nature is all it’s glory captivated me from a very young age. Though its power and fury were often felt, especially in our harsh winters, it is the quiet and tranquility within its beauty that made a lasting impression on me. Today my art resonates with these feelings.

My oil paintings, though appearing representational from a distance, reveal an energetic use of color and stroke that project the feeling of both movement and glistening light. Two completely different experiences are had depending on the viewer’s distance from my work. I like that about my art. I am proud of my drawing skills and my eye for proportions. These skills have enabled me to not merely reproduce images, but express my emotions towards my subjects, especially when painting figures. I am focused deeply on the creative use of color and have come to understand it at levels, which just a few years ago, I never knew existed. My imagery draws the viewer into familiar places. The art, saturated with color and dancing brushstrokes, invites you to linger and bask in its tranquility. I work hard to capture the essence of my subjects as an extension of my emotions.

My subject matter is primarily nature, with flowers and water as my favorites. The wide range of colors and movement found in them continually stimulate me. The interplay of sun and shadow create interesting shapes. The flickering light on moving leaves and water captivate the eye and suggest motion on otherwise quiet scenes. Capturing nature in its constant state of change provides me with an enormous challenge. Soft edges and layering thin washes of color are my secrets to painting its true essence. The result, a contemporary realism immersed in a tranquil serenity.

Today I live in Maine. The rocky coast and many lakes surround me with never ending subject matter. Nature, while providing a wondrous array of changing colors with its seasons, continues to be my prime motivator. As I continue to expand my horizons, my scenes are encompassing other parts of New England. I have a growing fascination for the human figure and its place and affect on nature with regards to the color, light and life it adds to the scene. Presently, several galleries in New England, ranging from Cape Cod to Maine, represent me.