Nadine Schoepfle

Sadly, Nadine Schoepfle passed away on December 30, 2020.  Nadine’s paintings are no longer available for purchase, but we invite you to enjoy these images of the paintings we last had at The Wright Gallery.

Artist Nadine Schoepfle Summer Setting 30x30 oil on canvas

“Summer Setting” oil on canvas

Artist Nadine Schoepfle Table Setting in Pinks 30x30 oil on canvas

“Table Setting in Pinks” oil on canvas

Artist Nadine Schoepfle Abstract 30x30 oil on canvas

“Abstract” oil on canvas

Artist Nadine Schoepfle Birches along the Water 24x24 oil on canvas

“Birches Along the Water” oil on canvas

Artist Nadine Schoepfle Looking Out 12x12 oil on canvas

“Looking Out” oil on canvas

Artist Nadine Schoepfle River View oil on canvas 12x12

“River View” oil on canvas

Working in a contemporary impressionistic style, artist Nadine Schoepfle uses a very direct approach to apply the rich luminous colors that are her trademark as an artist.

“I feel that painting is really about paint and the many different ways to apply it to the support that the artist chooses. Each foray into the world of color and medium is a new adventure–and always exciting. I try to stretch my abilities and reach out to my work. If I am ever asked which is my favorite of all paintings I have done, my answer is ‘The Next One.'”

“My technical approach to painting is not guided by always or never, butby the needs of the subject and my emotional response to it. Every experience I have had has served as a catalyst to my creative endeavors.”

With oils as her medium, Nadine transforms those images into glowing paintings that present artistic experience for the viewer.


  • Cerritos College, Cerritos, Ca
  • Laguna Beach School of Art, Laguna Beach, Ca.


  • Kennebunk River Club–First in Oils 2003
  • River Tree Center for the Arts Opening Gala 2002–Two Person Show
  • Kennebunk May Festival–First in Oils 2002 and 2001
  • AGK Annual Exhibit–First in Oils 2002
  • Kennebunk River Club–Best in Show 1999
  • Celebration of the Arts–Best in Show 1999