Berri Kramer

“Goat Island Hilltop”

“Keeper’s Cellar Door”

“Keeper’s Clear Sky” (SOLD)

“Wheat Sky 21” (SOLD)

“Keeper’s Stairway”

“Keeper’s House, Monday Afternoon”

“Keeper’s Staircase, Grey”

“Morning Light III” (SOLD)

“Right of Center” (SOLD)

“Left of Center” (SOLD)

“Nautilus at Parsons”

“Parson’s Early Morning”

“Five Leaves to the Wind”

“Ginko Seven”

“Sea of Ginko”

“Spoiled Picture” (SOLD)

“In Two Volumes”

“I Have Just Come from Home”

“Half Moons”



Artist Berri Kramer received her BFA in Design and Crafts, with a minor in art history at Kent State University and earned a Master’s degree from Lesley University in Fiber Arts.  For eighteen years she was a designer for Better Homes and Gardens and extensively explored color theory through quilt making.  Her teaching philosophy is founded on profound respect for student ability and potential.  Berri is President of Heartwood College of Art.

Berri is a fiber artist who gathers inspiration and textiles from humanitarian travels to Bolivia, South Africa, the Philippines and Guatemala. The encaustic medium translates the vibrant colors of her asymmetrical pieced work, and adds layers of depth and a painterly hand. The edges of her pieces are completed with textiles and encaustic. As a painter, she translates light and color in acrylic layers. Her interest in architecture reflects the “combining of forms” she is drawn to in her quilt work.