Cork Handbags by Bent & Bree

BENTBREEblossom purseBENTBREE-Madison Clutch with removable sleeve BENTBREE Cosmo Black BENTBREE Cosmo natural BENTBREE Ivy green BENTBREE Ivy pain BENTBREE Macy BentBreeGaia Crossbody clutch BENTBREE Gaia toteBENTBREE_Gaia Vegan Tote pink BENTBREE-Blake Tote7thebrinleyconvetible-283BENTBREEBrinley purseBent&Bree petite lobster clutchBENT-BREE-Leia Crossbody  BENT-BREE-Kent walletBENTBREE-Madison Wallet redBENTBREE-Madison wallet 2BENT-BREE-bracelet redBENTBREE-bracelet sage reversibleBENTBREE barrettBENTBREE-hat

Robin Paris “Cape Cod” Beach Glass


Beach Windows by Robin Paris





Maine Inspired Gifts by Marq Art


jewelry box sm 2

MarqArt - Two Drawer Box

2 Drawer Jewelry Box 6″x8″x5″ bottom lined with velvet, wood dividers and ring holder

jewelry box 10x12

MarqArt - Large Box with Drawers

3 Drawer Jewelry Box 10″x12″x6.25″ Lined in black velvet with wood dividers and ring holder

marq art1

available in 4×5 & 6×8

10"x12"x2.25" Black velvet bottom  removable wood divider

Black velvet bottom
removable wood divider

marq art des

6″x8″ Designs

6"x 8"

4″x5″ Designs

4"x 5"

*10×12 designs also available

Rocky Mountain Rustic

rocky mountian rustic ducks wht bckg