Priscilla Levesque

“Low Tide #1”

“Low Tide #2”

“Drizzle in Kennebunk”

“Kayak Ramp”

“Stairs to the Beach”

“Red Wing Farm #1”

“Church with Red Door”

“Red Barn on Proctor St.”

“Yellow House on Pier Rd.”

“Houses at Kennebunk Beach”

Artist Statement

Since moving to Lowell about six years ago, I have spent considerable time walking around the city seeking subjects to paint.  Rather than working on location, I take photos and then do the paintings in my studio.  I like this approach because I can be mindful of the whole composition, rather than fussing to repr0duce small details.

For several years I have used the pointillist technique, which was developed by the French artist Georges Seurat in the 1880’s.  He built up color by juxtaposing tiny dots of various hues, which merge together when seen at a distance.  With this technique of “optical mixing”, the color mixtures occur in the eyes rather than on the palette.

The medium I use is casein, an opaque water-based paint.  The advantages are that casein dries fast, needs no special solvents and, since it is opaque, colors can be overlaid quite easily.  In my painting process, I often change my mind and I find that changes are quite easy with casein.