Jewelry by  Maggie Bokor


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jewelry maggie bokor sea grass jewelry maggie bokor starfish ox-seagrass-swirl-two-strand-bracelet-apatite

Maggie Bokor is known for her organic, elegant fine jewelry. She lives an inspired life as an artist, coach and entrepreneur.

Maggie designs from the heart, inspired by her beautiful natural surroundings. She believes in the heirloom quality of her work and loves hearing stories of how her work has touched other’s lives by wearing her creations. Maggie’s jewelry is showcased in over 60 galleries across the country.

When she is not working on her own creations, Maggie is helping others find confidence and clarity with their own creative business through her conscious consulting practice called The Transparent Jeweler.


Jewelry by Morgan McGeehan

Jewelry Morgan McGeehan earrings Jewelry Morgan McGeehan necklaces Jewelry Morgan McGeehan rings

Morgan is a jeweler from Gray Maine who makes jewelry simple and affordable. She loves doing custom pieces as well as the beautiful pieces we carry in the store. She is always on the lookout for colored stones and pearls.

Sailormade Jewelry

sailormade slim fid brass sailormade whataknot multi sailormade brummel link brass pvd coated sailormade coral matte brass sailormade reef cuff brass sailormade Brummel braided leather double wap sailormade brummel brass tw rope

For four generations our family has crafted beautiful brass hardware for others. In 2010 we decided to start designing for ourselves.

It began with our Great Grandfather, who brought our family together at his camp on Nauset Beach in Cape Cod. Here, the stress of the business faded away. We spent summer days fishing in Pleasant Bay or sunning on the dunes of the Outer Beach. Nights began with big bowls of freshly caught steamers and ended with card games by lantern light. We all need a reminder of those days.

Thus, the ocean was a natural inspiration for our line of nautical accessories at Sailormade. Since we oversee our own production process, our personal designs are crafted to the high quality that our family has come to be known for. Our sophisticated and understated tones transition seamlessly from sea to city so our pieces can be worn all year long. In 2008, horrendous storms swept our little cupola-topped home into the Atlantic, but our memories will always endure. Whether we’re wearing our Brummel Bracelet or a piece from our Coral Collection we carry a keepsake from those days of sun and sand.


the Golden Cleat Jewelry


Emilie Cardinaux is the creative force behind The Golden Cleat. With her studio and flagship store overlooking the St. Lawrence River in the Thousand Islands region of northern NY, life on the water provides a constant source of inspiration. The archipelago of nearly 2,000 islands just east of Lake Ontario straddles the New York-Canadian border for nearly fifty miles of freshwater paradise. Here, boating is not only a cherished pastime but a way of life.

The Golden Cleat’s nautically inspired fine jewelry collection embodies the spirit of dockside living. Fabricated by hand using the ancient art of lost wax casting, each piece of jewelry is sustainable handcrafted from sterling silver or solid 14k gold and genuine, ethically sourced gemstones. The Golden Cleat’s elegant, timeless designs capture the hearts of free-spirited adventurers who are drawn to the water.

Becoming Jewelry

becoming friendship2becoming friendship gold

becoming jewelry custom cpbecoming lovedW4-LVD-SS-768x768

Tracey Graves began making jewelry as a way to channel her self-expression. A self-taught designer, she loved the challenge of figuring out how to create what was in her head. Inspired by her reading and the people and places around her, Tracey’s creations were more than just pieces of jewelry. They were personal mementos infused with meaning.

Becoming is about small things with big meaning: a word that becomes a mantra, a place you wish to remember, a gentle nudge to pick you up, a deep breath, a person you hold in your heart, a date you’ll never forget. It’s about celebrating both the everyday moments and the milestones, a gift to give yourself or someone you love. A Becoming piece is a reminder to find joy in the little things, an invitation to pay attention. Becoming is finding center, coming home, pursuing adventure. Becoming is where you’ve been and where you’re going. Becoming is what you are.

Silver Spoon Jewelry

Created from antique silverware.

silver spoon-Butterfly silverspoon-Rose necklace sisilverspoon-Ring-ELAINE silverspoon-Ring-HAZEL silverspoon-Ring-LILA silverspoon-Ring-LILLY Silverspoon-Ring-Cherry Blossom silverspoon-ND-Octopus silverspoon-ND-Hummingbird silverspoon-ND_Giraffe silverspoon-ND_Dragonfly_large silverspoon-ND_Bird silverspoon-MrCrab-6836 silverspoon-Starfish silverspoon-Hummingbird_1_large silverspoon-ALICIA silverspoon-flora silver silverspoon-Anchor silverspoon-GEORGIA silver spoon-lphinsilverspoon ourjourney_copy_2048x2048