Jewelry by Morgan McGeehan & Maggie Bokor


Morgan McGeehan Jewelry

Ethiopian opal ring by Seaglass and metallic ring byMorgan McGeehan Sayer Ethiopian opal earrings by Morgan McGeehan Sayer Hammered gold and freshwater white pearl earrings by Morgan McGeehan Sayer Etched silver bracelet with green and smoky seaglass and freshwater count pearl by Morgan McGeehan Sayer


Silver Spoon Jewelry

Created from antique silverware.

silver spoon-Butterfly silverspoon-Rose necklace sisilverspoon-Ring-ELAINE silverspoon-Ring-HAZEL silverspoon-Ring-LILA silverspoon-Ring-LILLY Silverspoon-Ring-Cherry Blossom silverspoon-ND-Octopus silverspoon-ND-Hummingbird silverspoon-ND_Giraffe silverspoon-ND_Dragonfly_large silverspoon-ND_Bird silverspoon-MrCrab-6836 silverspoon-Starfish silverspoon-Hummingbird_1_large silverspoon-ALICIA silverspoon-flora silver silverspoon-Anchor silverspoon-GEORGIA silver spoon-lphin