Trompe L’oeil

Artist Susan Wilder Black Bird Trompe L'oeil

Black Bird, Susan Wilder


Two Keepahs, Susan Wilder

Artist Susan Wilder-Pine Point Dory

Pine Point Dory, Susan Wilder

Artist Susan Wilder-Flat Bottom Skiff I

Flat Bottom Skiff I, Susan Wilder

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Artist Piper Castles Evening Glow trompe l'oeil

Evening Glow, Piper Castles

Artist Piper Castles Dragonfly trompe l'oeil

Dragonfly, Piper Castles

Artist Piper Castles Crashing Wave Acrylic

Crashing Wave, Piper Castles

Artist Piper Castles Colony Beach View trompe l'oeil

Colony Beach from St. Anne’s, Piper Castles

Artist Piper Castles Cape Porpoise Lobster Buoy trompe l'oeil

Cape Porpoise Lobster Buoy, Piper Castles

Artist Piper Castles Beach Combing trompe l'oeil

Beach Combing, Piper Castles

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Trompe l’oeil literally translates from French to mean “fools the eye.” Hard to paint, the trompe l’oeil piece requires meticulous attention to detail on the part of the artist. Proper sizing and every detail, nuance of light and gradation of color must be skillfully incorporated in order to make the two-dimensional work appear to be three-dimensional.