Richard Hasenfus

Iris Garden (framed 35x45")

Iris Garden (framed 35×45″)

Artist Richard Hasenfus Passage in Fog oil painting

Passage in Fog (framed, 35×25″)

"Windward Passage"

Windward Passage (SOLD)

Artist Richard Hasenfus Beach Day Oil Painting

Beach Day (SOLD)

Artist Richard Hasenfus Night Sail Oil Painting

Night Sail (approx 13×15″ framed)

Artist Richard Hasenfus Schooner Coming IN Oil Painting

Schooner Coming In(SOLD)

Artist Richard Hasenfus Summer Evening Oil Painting

Summer Evening (SOLD)

Artist Richard Hasenfus Schooner Ashore Oil Painting

Schooner Ashore (SOLD)


Lobstering (SOLD)


Night Sail  (SOLD )

Artist Richard Hasenfus Summer Day Mothers Beach 455

Summer Day, Mothers Beach (framed 35×25″)

Artist Richrad Hasenfus Harbor at Evening- Oil on Canvas

“Harbor at Evening” (SOLD)

Artist Richrad Hasenfus Sea Force-Sea Scape- Oil on Canvas

“Sea Force” (framed 35×25)

Artist Richrad Hasenfus Shags- Oil on Canvas

Shags (approx 13×15″ framed)

Artist Richrad Hasenfus Squall Coming, Sailing- Oil on Canvas

Squall Coming (approx 13×15″ framed)

Artist Richrad Hasenfus Sunset Passage, sail boat- Oil on Canvas

Sunset Passage (approx 13×15″ framed)

Artist Richard Hasenfus Nocturne Cape Porpoise Oil Painting

Nocturne Cape Porpoise (approx 13″x15″ framed)

Artist Richard Hasenfus Sunrise Cape Porpoise Oil Painting.JPG

Sunrise Cape Porpoise (SOLD)

Bath, Maine

Artist Richard Hasenfus, a member of Who’s Who in American Art, was born in Boston in 1932.  He studied art at the Massachusetts College of Art, the Museum of Fine Art in Boston, and the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, Italy.  Richard has traveled and painted the Azores, North Africa, Spain, Italy, France, Bahamas, West Indies, Bermuda, California, and Arizona.


  • Farnsworth Museum of Rockland, Maine
  • Copley Society of Boston
  • Ogunquit Art Center
  • Westbrook College
  • Ramana Gallery of California
  • Kennedy Gallery of Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Patricia Cloutier Gallery of Jupiter, Florida


  • Purchase Awards of Farnsworth Museum
  • Monroe Award
  • Van Sciver Award
  • Vayana Award
  • First Prize of United Artists

Hasenfus’ artwork is in many private, corporate, and museum collections in the United States and Europe.